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Old Settlers Who Served in the Military

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Thomas Cross


Thomas W. Cross was born February 1, 1826, in Louden County, Virginia.  His father--Mr. Lee (first name unknown), came to America from England and settled in Louden County, Virginia, where he became a plantation owner.  His mother, Ms. Cross (first name unknown) was a slave on the Lee Plantation.  In 1851 at the age of 25, Thomas moved to Hocking County, Ohio.  It was said, that his father took him there to give him his freedom.
Thomas enlisted into the Army, in Athens, Ohio.  He spent three years with the Wagner Co. C5 Reg. United States Colored Infantry of the Civil War, serving with the Ambulance Detail in Virginia and the Carolina's. Thomas was mustered out of the Army on September 20, 1865.  He returned to Ohio.