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Old Settlers Who Served in the Military

Basil (Bazeel) Norman (1750 – 1830) fought in the Revolutionary War (1775 –1783). 


African-Americans fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War. Before the Civil War was over 180,000 Black soldiers fought with the Union, and another 10,000 served in the US Navy.  African American’s played a heroic and largely unknown struggle for freedom in the "War Between the States." Black soldiers received one-half the pay rate of White soldiers.

Bazeel (Basil) Norman came to Marietta, Washington County, Ohio around 1800 and received 25 acres of land in Marietta for his Revolutionary War service.  Between 1810 and 1820, he sold his land in Marietta and moved to Roxbury Township, Washington County Ohio.  Roxbury Township later became part of Morgan County, Ohio.  This Revoluntary War Marker for Basil Norman is in Historic Mound Cemetery, Marietta, OH.  Mound Cemetery is noted as the burial site for the highest number of Recoluntary War officers of any cemetery in the United States. 

Horace Norman was born in Ohio in 1843 and died in the Civil War on April 24, 1865.  He was in Co. D, 5th, USCT, corporal and is buried in Hampton, VA, interred in the National Cemetery, Row 8, Section F, Grave No. 44. He was appointed corporal October 1, 1863.  His brother William shown above also served in the 5th Regiment.

Elisha Reed enlisted in the army on January 30, 1865, and was discharged in New York City, September 9, 1865.  He was born in Canada.

John Nelson enlisted in the US Army in March 1865.  He was inducted at Lockport, NY, USCT, Co. C and sent to Massachusetts.  He was discharged at Wilmington, NC in April 1865 for medical reasons.

Stephen Todd was born in 1826 and enlisted in the US Army on September 22, 1864. He was 38 years old and served in the 8th Regiment, US Colored Infantry as a substitute for Andrew J. Huff of Washington Township, Marion County, IN.  Stephen enlisted for three years was mustered out May 19, 1865 in Indianapolis, IN. 



83rd Infantry OH Sept. 1862

Cross Thomas 56th Infantry OH



5th Regiment Mustered in Nov. 1863



108th Infantry Aug. 1862



81St Regiment OH Mustered in Nov. 1863


Thomas, Jr.

5th Regiment Mustered in Nov. 1863



102nd Regiment



5th Regiment Mustered in Nov. 1863



109th USCT Infantry



5th Regiment Mustered in Nov. 1863

Samuel Lett

Samuel Lett’s (1839 – 1903) parents were Elijah Lett and Susan Stevens. Samuel was born in Morgan County, Ohio, and later served in the Civil War, enlisting from Grand Rapids, Michigan, August 31, 1864.  Samuel served in Company G, 102nd USCT.  He mustered out in Charleston, SC September 30, 1865. 

Aquilla Lett

Aquilla Lett (Jan 12, 1829 - Feb 20, 1903) was a volunteer in the Union Army, 1864-1865 in the 13th Michigan Infantry.

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